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 Casey E. Connors

Attorney Connors is a devoted family law attorney serving clients throughout Massachusetts. She uses her experience in complex domestic cases to help clients work through all aspects of divorce and other family-related matters involving child support, alimony, custody disputes, modifications, contempts, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Attorney Connors is skilled at creating constructive solutions to handle high-conflict cases and devising settlements suited to her clients' needs in both contested and uncontested divorces. Attorney Connors understands how to find resolutions rather than pouring gas on flames. She is a dedicated advocate, intent on achieving the best for her clients.

Office: (508) 492-0044 

Fax: (508) 791-6741

129 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01609

Casey is very detail-oriented and always over-prepares so that she knows the client's story and the details of the case inside and out before stepping into the courtroom. She is also a good-natured and empathetic person in general which is evident from the first time she meets with potential clients. Casey makes communication with clients a priority and ensures they are involved every step of the way throughout their case, most clients say they feel like they are her only client.

- Divorce & Separation Attorney

Connors Law Office

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Some confuse compassion with sympathy or empathy. At Connors Law Office, we define compassion as the action taken when we recognize there is a struggle, and we fight to help. Compassion is prioritized as one of our most important core values at Connors Law Office. We promise to work ethically, efficiently and with passion to protect our client's interests, positions, and well-being. We understand this can be a difficult time in your lives, and we show each client true compassion as we counsel them to the best path to resolution and closure.

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